Sunday, August 26, 2007

Getting on top of Google

Do you want
your website listed
on top of Google ??

Here's how to do it... Free!

Sunday 10:32 a.m.
San Diego, California


Have you heard of the “Yahoo Back Door” ?

7 years ago we released a report on how to get listed on Yahoo using a special “back door” technique. Worked like a dream. We called it "The Canada Method". This was the technique: Simply submit your website to (they shared the same database with Yahoo) and presto your website was also on Yahoo!

This trick worked for a whopping 2 years! (btw after we released the fr^ee report, several selfish people copied it, and sold the information. shame on them.)

Yahoo closed that “back door” years ago. But now there is some good (and I mean goooooood) news. Would you like to....

-- > Learn how to get top listings on Google (fr^ee)
-- > Get onto the hugely trafficked Yahoo News site (for only $60!)
-- > Get news listings on Overture & Google News (the pair for only $20)

Getting on the top of Google,
that's pretty hot, right?

Imagine for a moment the potential traff^ic (and moolah!) when you're on the first page of keyword search results on the 3rd most traff^icked website on the planet!

And that's why I think you'd agree this information is worth $hundreds of dollars, easy. But it doesn't cost anything near that. In fact you get it Fr^ee (cIick here now) with your membership to the promotion tools website. (plus you get access to 100+ webpages of online promotion tools, training videos and cool stuff)

To proceed, go to this site and read the blue box at the very top of the page. You'll get info on how to get your special Google report. Then follow the step-by-step directions to get your site listed on Google.

(hint: you can follow the simple steps in no-time-flat)

Remember, Yahoo closed their backdoor years ago, and who knows how long the new Google technique will work. So play it safe and do it while you can.

CIick now to get your Google Report, Fr^ee!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Cindy : - )


I can't urge our members enough to get this report while this technique still works. Here's the link again: CIick now to get your Google Report, Fr^ee!

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