Saturday, August 11, 2007

Google's paid storage gives oxygen to e-mail hoarders

SEARCH GIANT Google has begun promoting its paid storage space to users of its webmail service, GMail, starting at $20/year for six gigabytes.

GMail was introduced with the premise that you will never have to delete mail, but now Google has started peddling its "extended storage" plans to heavy users like this scribbler, in other words "e-mail hoarders". But I don't blame Google as, for some of us, our GMail inboxes are big giant "archives in the sky". OK, "cloud" as Voles put it.My Inbox is a repository for news stories on the several subjects that I track, and which I "e-mail to myself as an attachment. Often when I need a story on subject "x" as a reference, a search on my Inbox by subject often brings better results than a Google web search, and I don't have to worry if the story has been pulled from the web or if still has it in its cache.

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