Monday, August 27, 2007

Mike Ambrosios' Lost His Mind

*** Mike Ambrosios' Lost His Mind ***

No doubt you've seen an email or two from Mike
about his *bonus* for Hidden Sales Project.

I think he's nuts to give away a membership to
Butterfly Riches, let alone all the other products in the
"secret members area."

>>>> What is Hidden Sales Project???

In a nutshell, Hidden Sales Project to teach you
hOW to maximize your sales and profits from hidden sales
on your site.

Don't have a product?

Mike Ambrosio will help with that.

But first...

>>> BOTTOM LINE : Is HSP any good?

In a word, YES.

I read it over the weekend,
while downing margaritas (yum).

I have a sheet of notes on ideas
how Mike and I can implement the strategies
that Jeff Dedrick shares in HSP.

There are also audios and videos that Jeff provides
where he tears apart web-sites and shows you
how SIMPLE it is to implement the strategies.

I just scanned the videos and Jeff's hit a home-run
with them.

The cost is NOTHING compared to some of the products
you may have purchased in the past and given what
Mike is offering if you buy through his link.

This really is one of those NO-BRAINERS.

Mike's offered his YET TO LAUNCH membership
as a free bonus to the first 50 people
that grabbed Jeff's product through his link.

But here's a "Hidden Bonus" that he failed to mention earlier.

As a member of PLRDominance, you also get access to a few of
his other sites and products...

- You Can't Block This
- Content Box Generator
- Database Backup Generator
- MrOverDeliver
- Butterfly Riches - which is worth getting HSP through Mike alone!

These are all bonuses of PLRDominance.

There is also an *exclusive* set of audios of
Mike Filsaime giving pure gold nuggets to a
couple of unknown marketers in a hotel after
a conference. He gives away some good stuff...
and so far,I am the ONLY one offering these audios
(with pdf transcripts)

This is also the LAST CALL for his bonuses.

When he hits 50 or this Tuesday, August 28th,
whichever comes first, he is stopping this promotion.

Don't delay.

*** Challenge to YOU ***

Back to my "cleaning house" this afternoon.

What CLUTTER and piles of papers are bringing you down?

What clutter on your hard drive is making it
harder for you to FOCUS?

Do you have multiple projects you're juggling right now?

Whatever it is, my challenge is to pick one thing that's
cluttered in your life (think garage, closet, desk, your head)
and SIMPLIFY things.

Throw things out.

clear some of the clutter and you'll feel better.

You don't have to spend hours, just take 30 minutes and
clean some stuff up.


If you haven't used something in a few years, toss it.

Haven't worn those jeans in a year?

Toss them.

You get the point.

That's all for today.

I seriously urge you to visit.

And then email mike and get your bonuses that he's
crazy to give away.

Well, I think he's crazy, you might say he's
overdelivering or something.

I hate it when he has to live up to that nickname ; )

Enjoy the Monday and make it a great start to
a GREAT week.

All the best,

PS, 4 Hour Work Week IS that GOOD...

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