Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Hub has been flagged - What do I do?

Hi daryllorette,

Here's an updated view of your Hub statistics:

* Your Hubs have been viewed 392 times
* Your highest HubScore: 69
* Comments posted to your Hubs: 0
* Number of thumbs-up votes: 12

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Some of you might have received one or more emails saying that a Hub of yours violates our Terms of Use. What should you do?

First, go to the Hub and click the [learn more] link in the top notification pane. This will give you a more detailed explanation of the nature of the violation.

Then, edit your Hub to make it compliant with our Terms of Use. When you're ready to have it reevaluated by a reviewer, then click on the Request a Review of this Hub link that shows up when you click the [learn more] link.

Here's what to do in the case of each type of violation:

* Spam - Reduce the number of links to any one site to one or two, and include more useful content. Any Hub that requires you to jump to another site to provide the information or utility suggested by the Hub title is likely to be classified as spam. Avoid tinyurl or other redirects that hide the destination of your links.
* Empty or Nearly Empty - Simply add more content, and keep your Hub unpublished until it's ready to be shared. Remember, you can continue to edit your Hubs as often as you like before publishing them.
* Deceptively Titled/Tagged - Delete irrelevant tags (by clicking the red X button to the left of them) and/or change your Hub title while in Edit mode.

You can always contact us if you're still in the dark about why a Hub's flag has not be removed after you've submitted it for review upon making it compliant with our Terms of Use.

Or, consult with fellow Hubbers in our Forums who might be able to give you important insights.

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