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This Week @
Issue #1 (The Kickoff/Launch Issue)
August 23rd, 2007
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Contest & New Features
Revenue Sharing
Mini-Page Spotlight
Hey, this is Brady with This is our first official newsletter, so we packed it with some great stuff. Below, you'll read about a "mini-page creation" contest, new features, updates on our revenue sharing program and a spotlight on some great mini-pages. Remember to send us your ideas and feedback on the site to (or) We do listen and implement these suggestions. Enjoy the newsletter and keep sharing the knowledge!

Contest & New Features
To kickoff the site, we are launching a "Mini-Page Creation Contest." The staff will be awarding 4 gift certificates to those that create the most mini-pages (pages must be of high quality and contain a minimum of three content pods to qualify.)

The contest rules are as follows:

* To qualify for the contest, you must create at least 10 high quality pages.
* 1st place = $100 gift certificate (awarded to the person who creates the most high quality mini-pages)
* 2nd place = $75 gift certificate (awarded to the person who creates the 2nd most high quality mini-pages)
* 3rd place = $50 gift certificate (awarded to the person who creates the 3rd most high quality mini-pages)
* 4th place = $25 gift certificate (awarded to the person who creates the 4th most high quality mini-pages)
* The contest will end October 1st, when the gift certificates will be emailed out to the winners. has added many new exciting features over the last month. Here is the most current list:

* An "Affiliate Ad Pod" has been created so that you can add your affiliate network ads to your mini-pages on the fly.
* An "HTML Pod" has been created so that you can add a variety of web features or widgets to your mini-pages.
* A "Contact Me" button has been added to the personal profiles to improve communication between users.
* Users now have the ability to add bullets and change font sizes to "Text Pods" within mini-pages.
* You now have the ability to create a top ten list within the "Links Pod."
* Within all of the mini-pages, we added StumbleUpon and Reddit to the list of choices for social bookmarking sites.
* We added the ability for users to leave a comment at the bottom of other user's profiles.

Revenue Sharing
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is implementing two methods of revenue sharing to the site. The main foundation of our revenue sharing program will consist of Google Adsense. We are near completion on a program that will give you 50% of all ad revenue your mini-pages bring into the site. Many strides were made on this program over the last week and we hope to have it completed by September 1st.

Our second revenue sharing program consists of affiliate revenues. We have added a "Affiliate Ad Pod" to the mini-pages. Here, you can copy and paste the affiliate ad HTML and the ads will display on your mini-pages. When a visitor makes a purchase or performs a specific action, your account will be credited with a percentage of the transaction. You can sign up for the affiliate ad networks by clicking HERE.
Mini-Page Spotlight
The members of have been very busy. Here is a spotlight on several great mini-pages:

* London Hotels
* Helpful Household & Health Tips
* Find the Best iPhone Cases
* Travel to Pawleys Island

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