Monday, September 10, 2007

Stephen Shellen

I went to visit Tony at a mental hospital in kingston because we had many people in the film industry in common(Sonny Grosso, Nick Campbell,etc) that I had worked with prior to my now ex wife telling me she was a hooker and that if I tried to find out who had threatened my son if he talked to me, I would lose everything. I did!! Amazing the power call girls and prostitutes have today...anyway Tony could not or would not see me and I was asked to leave. The reason I wanted to see Tony was to express my concern for his case and the injustice he's suffered. By the way and I am sure he didn't know this but back in the early 90's he had stayed in the same hotel in Paris where Id stayed 2 years later while working on a series called Counterstrike which was also the same hotel where my ex wife had worked as a receptionist when I met her. A manager told me that during this period she was known to have sex with certain guests for money and or jewelery... It seems that everyone automatically assumes that Tony is either guilty or insane because the media has said so but after the last decade I've lived through, I'm not so quick to judge anyone and I try to read between the lines in any mainstream piece I might encounter. Many of the accusations he makes pertaining to his wife and her involvement in creepy practices often inflicted on her by her family, bear many similarities to my own ex-wife's upbringing, i.e., satanic ritual abuse, incest, pedophilia, prostitution, etc. Perhaps this woman, this stranger he married after a very short courtship is the one who is truly messed up. Perhaps she has multiple personalities which would be a reason Tony might suspect she'd been replaced. Multiple personalities are too often a product of childhood abuse and believe me my ex had too many to count as she suffered through a childhood similar to Tony's wife. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I had no idea what my ex wife was involved in until my young son began to talk to me about men hitting mommy, and how mommy loves all those men and worst of all, I can't talk to you Daddy 'cause the man will hurt me. This last comment came after I discovered cuts on my son's hands and asked him what happened. Tony apparently had some concerns about his child being abused and this may be what started his problems. I had the same concerns and my career was finished because of them, my children were kidnapped to France though neither child was French born, one child was born on the set of A River Runs Through It in the U.S. and the other child was born in Canada. I spent months away from my family on movie sets and apparently my ex-wife spent many nights with strange men while my children were present. I filed papers to resovle the issue of custody but they were not handed into the right jurisdiction. In short, I was not aided by any of the government services I believed were there to help me, just as Mr. Rosato has certainly not been aided by our government in respect to his concerns. If he feels his child's safety is in danger he has an obligation to get to the bottom of i; we all do, however we don't all understand the ramifications of seeking the truth when we begin this journey or we might not be quite so trusting. If he seems paranoid perhaps he has good reason. My heart goes out to Tony and being accused of nothing other harressment and serving over two years in jail...I mean come on, who or what is pulling the strings God bless
P.S. Hope you're on the good team Daryl cause God knows nothing in this world in which Tony is living in, is as it seems
Stephen Shellen (This is a comment I got on one of my other blogs.I had to post it here so I can read it it is so long.I`m only reading it for the first time here.I don`t know what`s in it.I just found it in my e-mail this morning.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm undertaking postgrad research on exactly the kinds of situation that you describe - women in developed countries who have been abused and trafficked since childhood by family members.

It's not a common experience of abuse but nor is it unheard of - a significant proportion of the caseloads of domestic violence shelters and sexual assault services are made up of women and children trying to escape from organised groups of sexual offenders.

I'm sorry to hear about your son and wife and I hope that some resolution can be found for your friends situation as well. This form of abuse is extremely difficult to resolve via the police or the courts, simply because it is poorly understood, and because the justice system is not set up to investigate any form of sexual violence, let alone complex forms.

If you want to discuss this further, you can contact me at