Saturday, October 13, 2007

From Paul, the Webmaster

From Paul, the Webmaster
It's the end of the week!

I have some new product news. This week I spent some time this week over at the Star Trek Image vaults pouring over the images from the various Star Trek Movies. I chose 6 unique images that are currently being made into 8x10's. These images will become officially licensed Star Trek images from Paramount and will be exclusively distributed by Most of the images are images you would probably not see in a general selection of images from the movies. I chose Kirk wearing the spectacles that Dr. McCoy gave him from Star Trek 3; Kirk on the Bridge wearing his "Go Climb a Rock" shirt from Star Trek 5;a behind the scenes image of Kirk and Spock with Spock uncharacteristically smiling and several others.

We are only producing a small number of these images so pre-order them now because once they run out; we'll probably not be offering them again. Check out all of our photos in Bill's store here:

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