Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lost: Ji Yeon Or Sun’s Heartbreaking Hello To Jin

I think you already know Lost’s main rule: for each question answered, let’s create a hundred new ones. And the last episode made no exception. With Ji Yeon, we are ready to find out about one more person who seems to have escaped The Island and made it on the Oceanic 6 list. It’s the seventh episode of the season and so far we know that Hurley, Sayid, Jack and Kate are the lucky (or not?) survivors who are back in the real life. And now we have one more name: Sun.

But first thing's, first! The episode opens on the freighter with Frank Lapidus, the helicopter pilot, who is on his way to pay a visit to Sayid and Desmond. They are locked in a room, and a strange character, Regina, seems to guard them, although it is not clear why.

As Frank enters the room, he tells to the two Losties that the captain is upset, because they escaped from the infirmary and used the ship’s communications system.

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