Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bonds wouldn't cure what ails the Jays

It's amazing. The Jays just dumped Frank Thomas, a future hall of fame hitter with a great on-base percentage who can't play a position any more and is more concerned about personal goals than team achievement. And with the Big Hurt less than 48 hours out the door, there's a groundswell of Jays fans looking to sign Barry Bonds, a player with a lot of the same stuff on his resumé, just more of it. That's crazy.

The objection to Bonds is not just the BALCO baggage, the grand jury perjury investigation and IRS issues, the clubhouse Barcaloungers and big screen TV, the unchecked entourage and the individual goals. Consider that Thomas is a better human being and younger than Bonds, yet still was released. Also consider that the Giants, in the weaker NL West with Bonds reaching for Hank Aaron's all-time home run record, averaged 73 wins per season over the last three years.

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