Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Catholic school board makes last-ditch effort to stave takeover

By Natalie Alcoba, National Post

The Toronto Catholic District School Board is making a last-ditch effort this week to stave off a provincial takeover, making what its chairwoman says is “every effort” to balance its books and deal with questionable spending practices.

“Trustees are hoping we can accomplish something this week so … that there is no need for supervision,” said chairwoman Catherine LeBlanc-Miller. “Let’s do what we can do.”

The board will hold an emergency meeting tonight and a second on Thursday will address the budget and expense account reforms.

Labelled by both insiders and outsiders as dysfunctional, the board faces mounting criticism from constituents after an expense account scandal that some say threatens to tarnish the reputation of Catholic education across the province.

Over the weekend, Kathleen Wynne, the Education Minister, appointed an investigator to report back to her in one week on whether trustees can fix lax policies and get rid of a deficit without a supervisor taking charge.

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