Thursday, May 29, 2008

Drabinsky's lawyer disputes testimony be former Livent executive

Defence lawyer Edward Greenspan accused Livent's former senior finance vice-president of lying when he insisted that he never manipulated the company's financial results without instructions from company founder Garth Drabinsky.

Greenspan, Drabinsky's lawyer, took Gordon Eckstein to a document prepared on April 23, 1998, for a meeting to discuss the results of the year's first quarter results.

Greenspan suggested that the document showed Eckstein's handwritten notes with names of productions and dollar figures beside them, to which he agreed.

Eckstein said that he always brought such a document with the real financial figures to meeting of top Livent executives, Drabinsky, partner Myron Gottlieb and Robert Topol, another senior executive, where he was instructed on how to alter them to come up with the improved results they wanted.

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