Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Help at forward, signing potential free agents Gainey's off-season jobs

MONTREAL — Having a big, tough team suits some NHL clubs, but isn't the top priority of the Montreal Canadiens.

So don't look for general manager Bob Gainey to dismantle his smooth-skating club after their playoff defeat to the bruising Philadelphia Flyers.

"Every team has its strengths, and I think ours is based on speed and quickness and intelligence and opportunism," Gainey said Tuesday at a packed Bell Centre news conference.

"I think that we want to play a fast game. We don't want to be vulnerable to (tough play). We have big guys. Perhaps we can be bigger and more rugged, but I think our philosophy is: We're quick, we're exciting, we're on the attack, we play to score, we're going to play to beat you within the rules. We just need to do it a little better."

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