Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crown presents strong e-mail evidence in Khawaja case

OTTAWA — The nub of the case against the first man charged under Canada's antiterrorism act is contained in several intercepted – and completely uncontested – e-mails he wrote over the course of a year before he was arrested.

Mohammad Momin Khawaja, 29, wrote messages to terrorist conspirators in Britain that include clear references to tinkering with detonation devices, routing recruits to a house he had access to in Pakistan, and schemes to get money and night-vision goggles to insurgents in Afghanistan.

The Crown presented the e-mails in question to the judge Wednesday, during the third day of Mr. Khawaja's trial. Defence lawyer Lawrence Greenspon conceded his client had written the messages in question. One e-mail of Mr. Khawaja's was a suggestion made to a terrorist ringleader in the U.K.: A mutual friend – regarded as somewhat dim and a loose cannon by the larger group – could be sent on “a one-way-mission to the most high, maybe in Yahoodi land.” (A Crown witness later testified this was a reference to an intended suicide bombing in Israel, which never came to pass.) Many of Mr. Khawaja's messages read like status reports on the construction of an electronic device he called “the Hi Fi Digimonster.”

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