Monday, June 30, 2008

Senate continues to slumber

Every now and then Canada's Senate rouses from its stupor and gives us all a reminder as to why so many Canadians have difficulty taking the Red Chamber seriously. Originally tasked with providing legislation "sober second thought" on its way to becoming law, the senate has over time become a Liberal dominated sinecure. Now considered the ultimate soft landing for party faithful, our Senate struggles to be taken seriously and finds its very existence challenged by those seeking its reform or outright abolition.

Already suffering credibility issues it is truly baffling Canada's Senate would choose to put forward an invasive bit of legislation that would open the door to having parents charged for spanking their children. To be clear, this is not legislation designed only to criminalize the beating of children, this is a bill which would outlaw spanking. "No corporal punishment would be allowed" said Senator Hervieux-Payette.

It would appear the government of Canada, thanks to the Senate, is toying with the idea of reaching right into your life and interfering with the way you choose to parent your children.

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