Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Climate cheque mail-out isn't done yet

VICTORIA – Haven't got your $100 climate action dividend cheque yet?

If you have been a resident of B.C. since the Dec. 31, 2007, and you haven't filed a 2007 income tax return, the best way to get on the list is to file one, even if you didn't make enough money to pay tax.

That's the advice of Colin Hansen, B.C.'s new finance minister. He said the B.C. government is using the federal-provincial income tax system to administer the payments because that's the best way to verify the number of eligible dependents each B.C. resident has, and to make sure people can't collect more than one payment.

The climate action dividend is the B.C. government's method of easing the transition to paying a carbon tax on all fossil fuels that takes effect July 1. There are no strings attached to the one-time payments, $100 for every man woman and child, but the cheque comes with a brochure urging people to spend it on things that will reduce their energy, water and fuel consumption. Suggestions range from a pair of walking shoes to a non-motorized lawn mower to a low-flow shower head.

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