Monday, July 28, 2008

'No plans' for Throne Speech, Tories say

OTTAWA — The Harper Conservatives will resist the urge to refresh their government's image with a new Speech from the Throne in September, despite increasing speculation from the Liberals about forcing a fall election.

Government House Leader Peter Van Loan confirmed Sunday that the party will not delay the opening of Parliament in the fall and launch a new set of priorities, even though Mr. Dion suggested last week that Canadians are increasingly supportive of an election. A Throne Speech results in a confidence motion and could have been used by the Conservatives to force their own demise.

“We have no plans to prorogue,” Mr. Van Loan said Sunday on CTV's Question Period. “We've got an important agenda to deliver on.”

Tory insiders have been speculating for months that their government is considering a prorogation of Parliament for the fall, a move that would discontinue the current session and force the government to come up with a Throne Speech to kick off a new one.

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