Saturday, July 5, 2008

Super Spam Me: a month of living by your inbox

Spam is a modern nuisance, but have you ever wondered how clogged your inbox would get if you clicked on all those offers for breast enlargements, penis enhancements and the chance to share in the obscene wealth of an African prince?

In a unique experiment called Super Spam Me, 50 people from around the world surfed the web unprotected for a month, actively engaging with spammers and heading into the parts of the internet most of us avoid, to find out just how much spam they could attract and what the effect would be.

The results? Brits are amongst the most highly spammed people in the world, the most likely to be the targets of “Nigerian scams” and the most likely after the US to receive spam of an adult nature. In just 30 days, the 50 global participants, received more than a hundred thousand spam messages, about 70 per day.

Participants in the experiment, organised by antivirus software manufacturers McAfee, found that spammers keep trying to find new ways to get us to part with our valuable contact information and cash.

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cole said...

hmm. isn't that something. inviting spam. lol