Wednesday, July 2, 2008

UK main target for Nigerian spam

Internet users in the UK are the main target of fraudulent spam e-mails sent from Nigeria.

UK web surfers receive nearly a quarter of this form of spam - unsolicited e-mail - usually a letter promising the recipient millions of dollars in return for financial assistance, according to a survey released today by McAfee, the internet security company.

The UK is also the biggest target for adult content spam than any other country, bar the US.

But Britons are less likely to receive financial spam - pre-approved loans, mortgages and personal finance offers - than users in other countries. Financial spam accounted for 24 per cent of global spam e-mails, compared to 16 per cent in the UK.

The survey was conducted by 50 volunteers across 10 different countries for 30 days. Each was given a new, unprotected laptop and a fresh e-mail address. The trial coincided with the 30th anniversary of the first spam e-mail, sent by a Californian electronics company in 1978.

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