Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bills-Dolphins will be a sell out: Rogers VP

Less than 24 hours after The Great Freebie Flap cast a negative light over the entertaining Buffalo Bills-Pittsburgh Steelers pre-season game at the Rogers Centre Thursday, Phil Lind took time out to lash back at the critics.

Referring to suggestions that approximately 17,000 tickets were handed out for free in order to make the stadium almost appear full, Lind, the vice-president of Rogers Communications, described the reports as "grossly exaggerated."

"It's an undeserved knock," Lind said, claiming many free tickets that were, in fact, handed out, went to the United Way and the Canadian armed forces.

"And I'm sorry but I'm not going to apologize to anyone for (helping) the Canadian military (see the game)," Lind added.

A respectable crowd of 48,434 watched the Bills bat down a Hail Mary from Steelers rookie quarterback Dennis Dixon on the game's final play to hold on for a 24-21 decision. Yet much of the focus of the media was aimed at the fact there were almost 6,000 empty seats in the building.

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