Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Actor Ed Norton breaks police 'blue code of silence'

TORONTO (AFP) — Not all cops are corrupt -- but most grudgingly turn a blind eye to fellow officers' bad deeds, actor Edward Norton suggested Tuesday at the premiere of the movie "Pride and Glory" at the Toronto film festival.

"If you ask people who do that work ... and you ask them, 'What would you do in that situation?' most of the cops we talked to said that people's boundary lines were pretty far out," Norton told a press conference.

"I got a sense talking to certain cops that they almost resented being put in a position of having to be the one who would betray the institutional bond," the actor said.

Norton ("Fight Club," 1999, "American History X," 1998, "Primal Fear," 1996) described this ambivalence as "being at war with your own instincts."

The film "Pride and Glory" by director Gavin O'Connor, himself the son of a retired policeman, wrestles with this contradiction.

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