Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bodies of fallen soldiers return to Canada from Afghanistan

CFB TRENTON, Ont. — The grief was palpable at this eastern Ontario military base Saturday night as three families, united by their losses, gathered for the return of three young men killed in an ambush in Afghanistan.

More than 100 family members of Pte. Chad Horn and Cpls. Andrew Grenon and Mike Seggie lined the tarmac for the repatriation ceremony. Loud sobs could be heard from where they stood as first of the flag-draped caskets was lowered from the military aircraft.

The families took turns placing individual roses, some red, some yellow like the "Support Our Troops" ribbons that adorn many cars in town, on the caskets carrying the remains of their sons and brothers.

Grenon's large family was first and some broke down crying, looking as though they might have collapsed to the ground if not for the both physical and emotional support provided by the rest of the family. Young children, visibly stricken by grief, clutched teddy bears and were comforted by others.

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