Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kyle's strength sapped by cold Atlantic as Maritimers breathe sigh of relief

SHELBURNE, N.S. — The force of Hurricane Kyle's impact on the Maritimes was blunted by the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but its gusts still knocked down a construction site and caused thousands to lose power.

Meteorologist Bob Robichaud of Environment Canada said Monday the storm's strength was largely sapped when it tracked into cold water in the Atlantic on Sunday night.

"A hurricane is fuelled by the warm water, so it actually started to lose some of its intensity even before it made landfall as it was going over the colder water," he explained in an interview.

"It just left the Gulf Stream, where the waters are a little bit warmer, as a Category 1 hurricane, so it maintained that strength for a little while. ... It just continued to weaken even further as it moved over land and into the Bay of Fundy where the water is pretty cold there as well."

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