Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Australians search for man believed taken by crocodile

SYDNEY (AFP) — A search was underway Wednesday for a fisherman believed to have been snatched by a crocodile near a river populated by the deadly reptiles in northern Australia.

Arthur Booker, reportedly a 62-year-old Vietnam veteran, had packed up his camp near the north Queensland town of Cooktown in the state's so-called 'Cape Crocodile' region early Tuesday when he went back to collect some pots.

His wife, who had been waiting for him in their car, alerted authorities and a search was begun when Booker failed to return.

Police could not confirm he had been taken by a crocodile but said some of the man's belongings had been found on the river bank close to crocodile marks and that the line securing the pots was frayed, rather than cut clean with a knife.

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