Monday, October 6, 2008

Knight: A dazzler in darkness

Memo to Toronto FC: Get MLS to schedule you a game next year – and every year – against New York on October 4.

For the second-straight fourth day of the first full month of fall, your Toronto Football Club ended a lengthy winless streak by gulping down 11 flat cans of New York Energy Drink.

A year ago, it was a 2-1 triumph in the damp, cold and fast-moving fog of BMO Field. Last night, the resurgent Reds played with wonderful power and passion, seeing off their Jersey-side tormentors 3-1.

Yes, I'm very aware I've been all over the Torontos lately. I've said Mo Johnston's season-long roster rebuild is a bust. I've had the nerve to say the high-flying, lower-division Montreal Impact are just flat plain a better soccer team.

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