Saturday, October 4, 2008

VANOC defends high-roller ticket packages

VANCOUVER — Yes, you can buy your way to the head of the Olympic ticket line.

For a sweet $285,000 each, 100 exceptionally well-heeled individuals will be guaranteed at least four tickets to all of the prestige events at the 2010 Winter Olympics, including the finals of men's and women's hockey, figure skating, speed skating, curling and snowboarding, plus the Games' opening and closing ceremonies.

As well, members of the Vancouver 2010 Club will have a spot in the cross-country Olympic torch relay, plus services of a car and driver throughout the 17-day Olympics.

Finally, as a feel-good measure, the deal also includes a donation of 100 tickets per patron to the Games' free ticket program that will provide 50,000 Olympic tickets to charitable organizations.

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