Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dumont wonders where all his supporters from last year have gone

MONTREAL — For Mario Dumont, it's a case of the missing Adequistes.

The Action democratique du Quebec leader will obviously take any votes he can get on Dec. 8 but first he'd like to track down the massive number of people who appear to have abandoned his party in just 20 months.

The ADQ became the official Opposition in March 2007 when 31 per cent of Quebecers voted for the right-leaning, back-to-basics party, which ended up with 41 of the national assembly's 125 seats.

Such halcyon days seem a lifetime away, however, with two opinion polls this week suggesting the party was mired at 12 per cent support and buried in third place behind the Parti Quebecois and the front-running Liberals.

On Wednesday, Dumont went hunting for those people who supported him last year.

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