Saturday, November 22, 2008

Federal lawyer questions reliability of accused synagogue bomber's testimony

OTTAWA — A federal lawyer accused university professor Hassan Diab of giving unreliable testimony Friday as he argued a Superior Court judge should deny him bail on charges of murder laid in France in connection with a 1980 synagogue bombing in Paris.

Crown lawyer Claude Lefrancois pointed to testimony from Diab's spouse that the lawyer said showed the veracity of Diab's statements was questionable and that he could be a flight risk as he awaits extradition proceedings for a possible trial in France.

But in a day of heated arguments, Diab's lawyer accused Lefrancois of cultural intolerance and sexism for the way the federal attorney questioned Rania Tfaily - the professor's common-law wife - and for his portrayal of Diab's past relations and frequent travels.

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