Saturday, November 29, 2008

Girding for a meteoric rise in popularity

MARSDEN, SASK. — Marsden, a tiny Saskatchewan farming community that hugs the Alberta boundary, is preparing itself for a stampede of people hunting for prized cosmic treasure after several meteorites were recovered nearby.

“Yee-haw, they finally found something,” Glenda Hankins, co-owner of the Marsden Hotel, said Friday after it was revealed that two University of Calgary researchers were the first to locate valuable space rocks on top of a frozen pond late Thursday.

U of C planetary scientist Alan Hildebrand, who was involved in the successful search, estimates thousands more could be strewn over a debris field north of Marsden that is estimated to be as large as 20 square kilometres.

Locals have already dubbed it the Marsden Meteorite. The community of 275 people is about 250 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon.

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