Friday, November 7, 2008

Survivor Enters Single Digits

Aw, doesn't it look peaceful on Survivor: Gabon?

Maybe Kota hasn't had much trouble assuaging nerves and keeping tempers down so far (it helps when you've won 9 out of 11 challenges), but can they keep it up once the tribes merge and the game becomes one big free-for-all?

Let's just say, the 17th installment of the pioneering CBS series is down to nine castaways after...some interesting developments.

Thursday's episode began with Susie being put in her place, Matty mourning Ace's departure and Randy feeling as awesome as ever. Read on to see how it went from there:

As they prepare for the imminent merge, it's five against one when the rest of Kota takes Susie Smith to task for backstabbing Corinne Kaplan at last week's Tribal Council. Susie somehow still thinks that she holds power, despite barely beating out Dan Kay's desperate need for 24/7 reassurance.

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