Sunday, December 7, 2008

CBS to add a little sizzle for Toronto game

When the Buffalo Bills play the Miami Dolphins at the Rogers Centre on Sunday, CBS will frame its coverage to reflect the novelty of the Toronto location.

"There haven't been that many games off United States soil, so I would say we will treat it like a regular-season game with a little extra sizzle in the steak and a little added extra," said Jim Rikhoff, who will produce the telecast.

The extras planned include vignettes on CFL players who made it big in the NFL. Doug Flutie and Warren Moon would be two. Or Canadians who have played in the NFL.

As well, CBS has built a graphic that illustrates the differences between the CFL and NFL game. But just how much the U.S. network will present the Canadian angle will depend on the quality of the competition on the field.

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