Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Charest achieves rare three-peat while Dumont exits Quebec politics

MONTREAL — A premier whose political obituary has been penned repeatedly celebrated an electoral feat Monday not even attained by giants of Quebec politics like Rene Levesque, Lucien Bouchard and Robert Bourassa.

Jean Charest became the first Quebec premier in more than half a century to win three consecutive mandates as his Liberals regained their coveted majority.

His Liberals took 66 of the province's 125 ridings, while the Parti Quebecois climbed back to official Opposition status with 51 seats, and the Action democratique du Quebec was relegated to its traditional place in third-party wasteland with just seven seats.

The results represented such a crushing setback for Mario Dumont - the one-time boy wonder of Quebec politics - that he immediately announced plans to resign as ADQ leader in the near future.

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