Friday, February 6, 2009

Ferrell sends off President Bush with send-up

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) – He has left the White House -- a speck disappearing over the horizon in an official whirlybird -- but the most disastrous of American presidents remains fuel for satire, especially in the adroit hands of comedian and film star Will Ferrell.

Put simply, "You're Welcome, America. A Final Night with George W. Bush," Ferrell's one-man roast of the 43rd president, is hilarious. Even if you are among the shrinking number who thinks Bush II was the apogee of American leadership, you're bound to chuckle at some point.

Aptly enough, the 90-minute show begins with the din of an unseen hovering helicopter, a cloud of dust and Ferrell/Bush being lowered to the stage at the end of a cable, sitting in the lap of a Marine.

Once onstage, on a set that's a simplification of the Oval Office (big desk, big leather armchair, big red phone on cylindrical stand), the gray-haired actor assumes the gunslinger swagger and Texas drawl that became the president's hallmarks and that Ferrell shaped to perfection on "Saturday Night Live" when Bush first took office.

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