Friday, September 4, 2009

Woman now called Michael Jackson

A Warwickshire woman has changed her name to include 'Michael Jackson' in honour of the late pop legend.

Marina Jane Michael Jackson, of Warwick, said she had been a life-long fan of the star and his death prompted her to take his name by deed poll.

"I got divorced about six years ago and I have had my married name since, so I was looking at changing my name anyway," she said.

About 200 people paid their respects to the singer at his funeral on Thursday.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Gladys Knight and his ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley were among stars at the service near Los Angeles.

The new Ms Jackson said there had been "a fantastic response" and a lot of interest in her name change.

"All my family and friends think it's a little bit crazy but they still think it's a wicked idea," she added.

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